Headshots aren’t just for models and actors these days. Today just about everyone in the business world needs to have a professional photo. Even photographers have their professional photo done, says photographer Tamara Webb. Your photo conveys professionalism and trust to your audience, and becomes a tool, much like your company logo, in helping people to recognize and therefore relate to you.

The fact is that people are more likely to stop and look at a picture while browsing through websites, than they are to just sit there and read through a bunch of text. According to Neilsen, “79% of people scan a website and only 16% read websites word-for-word. However, 82% will pause longer on a photograph or graphic on a website”. Your picture will help draw them in and make your readers more likely to actually read the great information you have on your website.

It is important to have a professional photo on all of your social media and networking sites, and preferably the same photo on all of them. You can also include your photo within your email signature, on your marketing materials, and on your business cards. This will allow people to connect with you and to recognize your face as they continue to run across your company’s various pages and accounts. The ability to establish a bond with someone before you even meet them is a powerful one. “This is because facial recognition is wired deeply inside every human mind”, says Sophia Field. If you can connect with someone prior to even meeting them, you are already that much closer to gaining their trust and then their business.

These days, it truly pays for everyone to have a professional photo. To literally have a “face” for your company, will make people remember you and feel more comfortable with you. In establishing that social bond, you become that friendly face that makes people seek you out and want to do business with you


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