Your website content is what allows you to express your ideas to your audience. These words are literally representatives of you and your company to a vast virtual audience. Since your audience is made up of different groups of people, your content has to be broad enough to reach them all, but also specific enough to meet their individual needs. Sounds impossible, right?

Let’s start by identifying who is in your general audience to begin with. According to Innovative Marketing Resources, there is a customer life-cycle constituting of potential clients, clients, repeat business and referrals. For each of these groups your goal to reach them will be carried out in a different way.

In the beginning, your potential client will stumble upon your website as they are searching for a specific need. It is through your content that you will show them that you are the one they’re searching for. Here, it is crucial to show that you know what you are talking about. This potential client is looking for someone who really knows their stuff! They also want someone they can trust. It can be scary dealing with someone you don’t know. So be honest, reliable and let your personality and that of your company shine through. If you are relatable in your content, people can feel comfortable with you before they even meet you.

Now for the the tricky part: converting this potential client in to an actual client. This takes not only proof that you are the best candidate, but also requires that you stick out in their mind as well. A potential client may check out 20 websites besides your own, you’ve got to stand out from the rest. Using interactive content such as videos, free trials, tips and quizzes grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want spend the time going through the various activities on your website. The more time they spend looking through your website, the more they will remember you and spend less time looking at your competitor’s sites.

The hard part is over…wrong! You’ve turned that potential client in to an actual client, but you still need to keep working. Keeping your website updated shows that you take pride in your company. Listing any news, specials or pertinent information on your website lets your clients know what’s going on with you and even how you can help them further. Also showcasing client’s reviews, success stories and ongoing projects and portfolios keeps your clients engaged and aware. Not only will this keep your client coming back again and again, but it also makes them more likely to recommend and refer your company to other people they know.

At every stage of the client cycle, your website content is what will set you a part and drive business your way. Showing that you are knowledgeable, personable and trustworthy through your content is essential for that person out there searching for your services. In our virtual world, it is through words that you and your company will be set apart from the rest.

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