Website content is what allows you to speak to your audience. It is the words that you have written on your site that are what will engage and intrigue readers, convince them to choose your services over your competition, and will keep them coming back and referring others to you. Your website is the face of your business online and its content is what allows you to express your ideas to your audience. These words are literally representatives of you and your company to your virtual audience.  Updated website content is one of the biggest keys to your ongoing success.

Aside from knowing and then finding your target audience, you will also need to decide what tone you want your company to convey. Do you want clients and potential clients to see you as friendly? Professional? Serious? Conversational? What kind of feeling do you want them to get from you?  This will depend partly on what type of clients you are looking for, but also on your own personality and that of the persona you imagine for your business.

Once you’ve got all of this figured out, it’s time to find “the words”. You need to put what’s in your head into words. This is not an easy thing to do. Luckily, there are experts out there dedicated to doing just that. Your content is not a task that has a completion date either, but something you keep fresh and current. Just as your industry and the world around you are changing, so should your content.

Some of the benefits of keeping your website content current and updated are:

  • The success of your website is dependent on whether people can find it easily online using search engines. To insure your site can be found the content you update must contain the proper keywords, and meta tags. Updating the sites content regularly will help improve your sites SEO and drive more traffic to your site.
  • Having current, up-to-date content on your website will keep your visitors coming back. By staying on top of your content and keeping it fresh, new visitors can see that you take pride in your site, that you keep current in your industry, and that you know what you’re talking about.

Once a potential client happens to discover your website, whether it is by accident, they’re referred by a friend, or they find you through a specific internet search, it is what you have there on your site that will lure and entice them to take the next step. If you’ve just thrown a few words up there as placeholders, they will quickly move on to the next site. If your content is too chaotic or confusing, they will move on to the next site. However, if you are clear, knowledgeable, and engaging they will spend more time looking at your site and are most likely to subscribe to your blog. If you’ve got the right content, they’ll be hooked and you will easily turn that potential client into an actual one.

Your website is the face of your company, and so the content you have there is what will speak to, educate, and engage your target audience. This will then turn leads in to clients, expand your audience, and cultivate growing relationships, which will result in return business and referrals.

If your content is not converting your website’s visitors into customers, something isn’t connecting and you need to take another look at what’s being missed. Contact us and we can help you develop a strong content development plan.


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