Rosalie Chamberlain Consulting

From the client

"Laura Bean, Owner at One Stop Operations, is amazing. She has assisted me with merging my two websites into one fantastic site, creating new web pages, social media communication and other administrative tasks with regard to my business. I highly recommend her and her expertise. She is great to work with!" Rosalie Chamberlain


Rosalie Chamberlain & Consulting: Rosalie is a Coach and Consultant on the topic of Unconscious Bias in our workplace. Her goal is to break the biases within companies that they may not even realize are there, and therefore create a more fluid work condition for all, while opening up more promising options for those who may not have had access to them before.

Rosalie was referred to us by our client Aimee Cohen. Rosalie is a Coach and Consultant on the topic of Unconscious bias in our workplace, and a newly published author. We created a customized and high performance new website. The site included all the functionalities that technology currently offers, such as specialized apps, plug-ins, and widgets, so that the client is now able to use their website as an expert tool for their business. We updated their website copy to sound professional, expert, and friendly, and to coincide with current industry information. Our website copy is search engine optimized, and we use proven SEO methods that will boost rankings and improve performance. With the new website, we added Google Analytics, so that our client can keep track of just how well the site is functioning. We also provide regular ongoing website maintenance such as changes, edits, and updates. These allow the website to stay current and fresh with new and current images and website content, as well as keeping track of updates and analytics.

Now Rosalie is able to reach further and touch more lives than she could before. Her work is able to transcend not just social biases, but now extends through email and social media to those whose lives she hopes to enhance.