Realtor On A Harley


Realtor On A Harley: New website & Brand Design
Dean has been a longtime friend of mine and after he saw the work I did for Denver Wax and Lash, he reached out to me to design his website.

Dean has been in the real estate industry for many years, but has decided to rebrand himself as the “Realtor on a Harley” and focus on a very specific niche. We did a full online marketing strategy, full branding, created his logo, business cards, email template, social media pages, and a large banner.
We worked quickly to ensure he had his cards and banner in time to take with him to Sturgis to promote his new brand. I understood the urgency of Dean’s need to have these materials and worked to ensure he had them without compromising quality.

With new, comprehensive marketing materials and an eye-catching website, Dean feels like he has just upped his game in the real estate industry. With real estate being such a competitive industry, he has found a way to niche his brand to speak to a very specific and loyal clientele.

In an effort to ensure Dean got up and running with his new branding quickly, I involved my whole team and we completed all of his marketing and website needs in just one month!