Management Momentum

From the client

Laura is excellent and fast. She quickly understands the concept of what you need and then she implements. She has a wide knowledge of all of the latest media elements be it social, web or other platforms and she is very creative and has a great eye. Laura is a rare combination of positive attributes and I would highly recommend her services. - Brenda Abdilla


Management Momentum: Working with Brenda Abdilla has been a great pleasure. For over 5 years we have grown alongside her and watched her take off. Brenda is an amazing career coach, speaker, and author.

We created a customized and high-performance new website. The site included all the functionalities that technology currently offers, such as specialized apps, plug-ins, and widgets, so that the client is now able to use their website as an expert tool for their business. We updated their website copy to sound professional, expert, and friendly, and to coincide with current industry information. Our website copy is search engine optimized, and we use proven SEO methods that will boost rankings and improve performance. With the new website, we added Google Analytics, so that our client can keep track of just how well the site is functioning.We also provide regular ongoing website maintenance such as changes, edits, and updates. These allow the website to stay current and fresh with new and current images and website content, as well as keeping track of updates and analytics. We created specialized informational pieces, such as blogs, lead capture tools, and newsletters that would entice readers to click or read more. By creating and using these tools, we are able to enlarge the client’s audience and reach. We set up and created Social Media sites on all relevant social platforms. We continue to create and post engaging content to these sites. We also provide reports on the progress and engagement that these posts generate, and keep current on social trends, and opportunities to excel in our client’s social visibility. By creating the essential business basics, such as business cards, logos, social media pages, email templates, and marketing materials, we were able to establish a cohesive and specific brand for our client, which represented not just their business and product, but their personality and expertise as well.