Inhabit the Body

From the client

"Laura Bean at One Stop Operations has been a tremendous asset in helping me establish a website presence. She’s been amazing at listening to ideas, understanding my vision and turning it into a site that I believe truly reflects my work in the world. She offers expert guidance, tips and resources every step of the way. I have also found her ongoing website maintenance to be invaluable as it allows me to concentrate on creating the best content I can for my readers without getting bogged down with the technical side of things." Lisa McDonald


Inhabit the Body: Inhabit the Body creator, Lisa McDonald is a health and lifestyle coach. She specializes in creating healthy bodies: inside and out.  She wanted to increase her brand awareness, so that she could touch the lives of more people.

Lisa McDonald was a referral from our client Aimee Cohen. For Lisa, we really focused on her new blog. We designed a signature look that would exude her personality as well as her company resolve. We set the blog up and instilled it with our proven SEO methods that boost rankings and improve performance. We also provide her with ongoing website maintenance.

Now Lisa is able to extend her reach and her audience. She educates and inspires people to reach their optimum health and vitality and enjoy life.