Newsletters are a great way to spread information to your family, friends and clients. They make it easy to send out your greetings, share special news, and display important company information, specials, or changes. Contrary to what you may believe, it doesn’t take a professional to write a newsletter. Here are a few tips to get you writing with the best in no time!

The most important thing to think about when writing a newsletter is, “who is your audience”? Are you writing to family and friends? Or perhaps your newsletter is for your clients or potential clients. In that case your newsletter should be friendly, but professional. Think about what they would like to learn from you or what they would find interesting. Perhaps you could include tips in your trade, exciting news within your own company, or what’s currently happening in your industry. Your audience should define everything from the content of your newsletter, to the tone in which it is written. A good hint, is to focus on a certain person or group within your target audience, then write as if to them specifically.

When choosing the content for your newsletter, include a variety of topics. This will appeal to a wider range of readers and will keep your newsletter interesting. Just like a newspaper has different sections, your newsletter should contain some different sections too. Perhaps you could include an opinion section, testimonials, industry news, featured articles, maybe even a joke or comic strip. As you write your articles, ask questions; use who, what, when, where, and why. The best articles usually incorporate both questions and answers. This may require some research, interviews and time, but it will be well worth it once you look over your finished product. Always make sure that you can back up what you write with research. If not, you may annoy or offend your readers with incorrect information. Including facts, quotes and statistics, not only prevents this from happening, but greatly strengthens your writing as well.

Once the writing is done, your newsletter is nearly finished. First, reread what you’ve written, proofread it and make sure it makes sense. What a shame it is to have a great piece of writing brought down by a simple misspelled word! Now get creative! Use interesting headlines, and different fonts and colors to make certain things stand out, and design the layout of your newsletter to create appeal and attention. Now stand back and look at what you’ve accomplished. Congratulations on your finished newsletter!

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