Google is the most used search engine, not just here in the U.S. but in the entire world. If you want to know the answer to something, you don’t “Bing it”, you don’t “Yahoo it”, you Google it”! Therefore, it only seems logical that if you want to promote your business, you do it on Google, where most of the world searches for the things they need.

Okay great, we’ve established that point, but now, how do you get started with Google Advertising? The answer is one of two options.

#1: Do it yourself.

This option, I want to point out, should only be taken on by the very computer literate and tech savvy, and by those who have the time to spend cultivating it. It is through a combination of the services that Google offers that you will get the best promotion out of it. It is in finding the combination that suits you best, being able to set it up, run it and maintain it properly, and having the ability to adjust as it as needed, that you can truly fulfill the potential that Google offers in promoting your business.

#2: Hire an expert.

Though this may sound out of your league, chances are that it is much more affordable than you think. We often hear the term “return on investment”, and quickly turn away. However, as often as this term is used as a mere sales mechanism, its true intent is a pure one. Simply put, by putting in money now, you are nurturing your business and allowing it to grow. This investment now will come back to you in the future as your profit. So, in essence, by hiring an expert who knows what they’re doing and has a passion for it, you will not waste your own time trying to figure things out, doing it wrong, and then starting over again. You can put it in the hands of a professional, then move on to the things that you enjoy doing.

There are many different services that Google offers, such as Ad Words, Google offers, the Google My Business feature, as well as Ad Words Express, which helps clients in your vicinity find you even more easily. However, as I mentioned before, it is in finding the right combination that you will get the best results. According to Niki Lopez of Focus Marketing + PR, “If set up and monitored correctly, Ad Words can be one of the lowest-cost, high-return forms of marketing you can do for your business”.

Some of the benefits you can expect by using Google Ad Words

  • Increases  traffic to your website
  • Increases your SEO and natural ranking on Google
  • Helps you target your ideal clients and market
  • Helps branding and visibility in your area
  • Helps potential clients find you over your competitors

Google Ad Words is an effective tool for all types of businesses, whether they are big or small. To see how others have used this service to blast their businesses to success, check out Google’s Success Stories.

So, as you’re sitting there now, trying to decide where the best places to use your marketing budget are, really think with the mind of a consumer. Where would you go first if you needed something? If it were me, well, I would just “Google it”!

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