Following in the footsteps of Yahoo, AOL has recently changed its DMARC policy. As was the case with Yahoo, this new authentication protocol will send a majority of emails were not sent from the Yahoo or AOL server, directly to the recipient’s spam or bounce back.

The point of this change was in the effort to stop fraudulent emails. Because the emails that are bounced back or sent to spam, are those that do not originate from the original server, the idea is solid. However, when using a “from” address of AOL or Yahoo through email service providers, such as Mail Chimp, Outlook, Constant Contact, Gmail, or other email programs the new authentication process will deem the email as fraudulent, even though it is not.

The best suggestion is to use a “from” address that is your own custom domain. In addition to changing your own “from” address, it is best to change all email addresses in your contact information and so forth, so that others are able to contact you as well.

Other options are of course other servers, such as Gmail or Hotmail; but in following with the current trends, it won’t be long before the other ISPs follow suit. The fight against spammers is tricky but well worth the cost in the end.

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