Getting and then staying organized is something that will flow throughout your business, home and social life and make them all work more smoothly. So here are 5 business tools that I can personally vouch for that will help you to GET ORGANIZED!

drop boxDrop box, or Google DriveGoogle Drive. Cloud storage

If you’re looking for a safe place to store and even to share your pictures and documents, look no further than Dropbox or Drive if you are a google junkie, this has a lot of the same features you get with drop box. When you download and then set up your account on Dropbox, you officially own a small section of cyberspace to store anything you want. You can then access anything in your Dropbox from anywhere and can even select people with whom to share certain items. It is safe and secure and totally at your fingertips. You don’t have to worry about losing it in a computer crash, or trying to download it from one device to a flash drive to another device and back again. And the best part of both of Drop box is that it syncs with your devices meaning you don’t need to login to upload a document into your drop box folder, you can save them there directly from your computer or mobile device.

LastpassSave all your passwords safely and securely with LastPass

You may be one of the many people out there who keep long lists of all of your passwords somewhere; are often, many somewhere. This is dangerous for a couple reasons, they can be easily lost, and they can be easily found—by people who aren’t you.

One of the tools that I have found that helps give me great security in this area is LastPass. This tool stores all of your passwords and your log-ins for every site or page that you choose. It then gives you the choice to simply auto fill them each time you visit that page again. So, no more trying to remember passwords or trying to keep an updated list somewhere, and no more worrying about someone getting access to them. Once you start with FREE LastPass, you will only need to remember one last password to login to your secure account, and that is it!

wave accountingWave accounting for business expenses

Bookkeeping is always a tricky topic, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. Now there’s a solution for even the math-phobes of the small business realm: Wave Accounting. Wave is a very user-friendly application which allows you to keep track of your incoming and outgoing finances, your payroll and even send invoices and receive payments with relative ease. According to Wave, “Wave makes it easy to be your own boss. Just do what you’re good at, and lean on Wave’s smart online software for help with invoicing, accounting and payroll.”

evernoteEvernote for organizing notes and task

Evernote is a downloadable app that helps you keep your notes together in one place, prioritized, and available to you from virtually anywhere. Once you have your account, you can sync all of your devices to just the one account, allowing your notes to be easily accessed from any of them. With Evernote you can save notes, snap screenshots, save interesting web pages, and even your travel information such as flights, reservations and itineraries. Evernote also gives you the option to share certain “notebooks” with others, such as co-workers or employees so that you can all collaborate in one secure place.

Share with us your favorite app for staying organized.

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